The WSS Community survey helps us better understand the inner workings of our school and how students and parents relate to the school and its environs.

In our recent survey we asked: What do you think are the core elements that define WSS? What makes WSS unique? Here are some of the responses we received:

“I like the indigenous forest, the hands-on approach (i.e. the mud kitchen), and the architecture of the rooms that make the school look more like a home with a fireplace and such. Of course, I could tick them all but I wanted to limit the number that I ticked to 3. “

“I love WSS because my kid loves going to school and thrives in such a wonderful and inclusive community. She also grows and develops academically, emotionally, and socially. Every child is celebrated as an individual and enjoys the freedom of being themselves. The level of engagement is amazing too. We appreciate the friendships formed. The exposure, the all-round education our daughter is receiving and the warmth and kindness we have received as well.”

“When we were initially looking for a school, we were mainly interested in inclusion. After visiting WSS, we realised that an education evolution was taking place. Education curriculums in the world, besides the Finns, are all stuck in the yesteryears but WSS has evolved. We see our children becoming creative thinkers and being able to think outside the box, something that is lacking in the new generations coming through. I believe our children will not only have a solid education foundation but also be better prepared for life. We hope WSS continues growing until all age groups are catered for as we do not see our children being educated anywhere else.”

“The broader view on what education is and can be. We find that our children are truly being educated in a wider sense of the word. We would be sorry to see WSS become just a “normal” curriculum school dressed in a different cloak, though we also recognise the need to follow some sort of standard/learning curve.

However, we do feel that WSS exactly does NOT have to try to be like everyone else! We know the school is aware of this but we would like to weigh in; we love the neurodiversity but do find that it is important to keep a healthy level of neurotypical children – in everyone’s interest!”

“In no particular order, some positive points are:
1. Safe environment (i.e reduced risk of kidnappings going in and out of the school).
2. The setting of the school within Brackenhurst; the forest, tea fields, and nature.
3. The familial atmosphere: all seems morally good/clean; school is almost an extension of the home; learning is as ‘natural’ as play; older kids seem to be friendly/helpful to younger kids (no bullying or harshly delivered status enforcements that I’ve heard of).
4. The way racial/ethnic diversity permeates throughout the school and is not an issue at all.
5. A good selection of staff – most of whom seem to have ‘bought in’ – hence children’s/ parent experience is quite consistent.
6. The feeling one has, given the resources available, the idea of Woodland Star is to educate/bring up children well (as best possible) – not merely make a business.”

“The parents, teachers, and students at WSS are all so much on the same page and want a holistic approach to learning. The school also has a lovely ethos, offers inclusivity, looks after children holistically, embraces the love of learning, and gets children to enjoy the school experience in an unpressured environment.”

“I love the teamwork spirit, sense of togetherness and belonging, multi-cultured environment, and the mutual respect that exists among the staff and the students. Also the inclusion and accommodations of diverse learning needs and the teachers’ positive mindsets.”

“I feel silly checking all the boxes, but I feel all of them are so true! Our biggest draw was the neurodiversity, individualized instruction, and class sizes as I can’t imagine another school where both boys and girls could thrive so meaningfully. “

“We absolutely love the school community and feel daily blessed to be part of it! Leadership, teachers and staff, and amazing facilities are fabulous. We also love the environmental focus and extra opportunities for learning– such a rich experience for our boys, girls, and family! Thank you WSS for all you do!”

This is just some of the feedback that we received from parents in our latest community survey and we are grateful for every response.

We always look forward to hearing from our parents and wider community, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments: You can also call us on+254 (0) 715 741 041.

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