At Woodland Star International School Kenya, we believe every child has an important voice and has the right to be heard. With a multi-age approach to learning, our students are regularly sharing their ideas and learning from each other.

Our multi-age classrooms allow for greater flexibility when placing students in learning groups. At times there may be a student who excels in one area, but needs some extra attention in another subject area. We place students within learning groups that are best for his/her further academic development in that particular area, without being constrained by the traditional approach to grade-levels that are based on age. This allows some students to soar and push far above grade level, while allowing others to progress at a slower pace, depending on their learning level.

Multi-Age Learning

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Multi-aged learning provides many benefits for students, teachers, and the school community. In a multi-aged classroom, students have the opportunity to learn from one another and to develop important social skills. Multi-aged learning also provides a more flexible and individualized approach to education. Teachers can tailor their instruction to meet the needs of all students, regardless of their age or ability level.

This approach allows students to learn at their own pace and to follow their own interests, resulting in a more engaged and motivated student body. Multi-aged learning also fosters a strong sense of community and belonging. Students of all ages build close relationships with one another, creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

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