Woodland Star International School Kenya is owned by the ACTS Group, which offers a variety of specialized education, travel and hospitality on the continent and has a stated purpose to “change lives through experiences in Africa”. Included also in the ACTS Group is Brackenhurst Conference and Retreat Centre which hosts the school amongst its sprawling forests and gardens.

The ACTS Group has a heritage and foundation in the Christian faith. The school’s core values are informed by and are consistent with this background. However, this background of faith is never to be imposed on any student, staff member, or parent. We are resolute that learning about contrasting faiths, theories, and worldviews is a critical part of children’s education. Woodland Star International School is proud to celebrate a community of diversity that finds common ground in our shared values.

Woodland Star International School Kenya is governed by the school’s advisory board, which strikes to support the school leadership and advance the school’s vision. It is composed of two directors appointed by the ACTS Group, selected members from our parent body and community partners, ex-officio members (including the School Principal and other education specialists), and emeritus member(s). Decisions are largely consensus-based, although voting may occur on key decisions if necessary. In this event, voting is done by the school directors and the selected members from the parent body and community partners. Although ex-officio and emeritus members are not included in the voting process, the school’s advisory board strives to gain thorough insight and input from educators and education specialists at all times.

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