Our Village

Woodland Star is a small, progressive international school in Kenya, located in the emerald tea fields of Tigoni, a short drive from Nairobi. It is a place of respect for the individual and value for diversity in the midst of dynamic cultural and interpersonal exchange.

Woodland Star, however, is so much more than just a school – it is a place of transformation, a catalyst for the love of learning, and an anchor for a positive and connected community – our “Village”. We have grown to realize that true learning happens best in a community where everyone’s story is heard, where every individual is valued and where collaboration supersedes individualism.

At Woodland Star School we have embraced a Kinyarwandan word “Muraho”, which translates as “I celebrate your presence”. This word, “Muraho”, is a key expression in the story-language of our school. As our story unfolds, we want to embrace muraho in every step of it. The structures, values, and policies that shape Woodland Star help us found relationships based on the celebration of one another.

From us to you …