Our family was part of the Woodland Star School community for 7 years (Sept 2011 – June 2018). We are still part of it! Once you join WSS, you give your heart to it! The doors of the school are always open and friendly. The smiles from staff and students make you always feel welcome. Our experience was special because we saw the school start, grow and mould through the years into a place of love and learning.

What started as two room cottages has become a big campus. WSS is an ideal school where students are nurtured in a holistic way, where learning is experiential and where a student’s character is strengthened. WSS is also a place of acceptance where all are valued for being unique individuals.

Our children Ned and Hana became more empathic, caring and giving because of it. They climbed trees, played with mud, grew fruits and vegetables, built eco friendly structures, explored the forest and released orphaned owls.

They learned that there are many ways of arriving at an answer. They studied books critically, experimented and measured distances throughout the campus, and expressed themselves through many artistic avenues. The teachers were passionate about their work and inspired them to find joy and purpose in their learning!

At WSS our children learned that their opinion matters and that they can make a difference. These formative years were the best and we can see how they carry the Woodland Star values with pride in their new school. Thank you Woodland Star and keep growing so you can share your beauty with more young people!

Mira Boxer

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