We are thrilled to announce that Woodland Star has been honoured with a Global Inclusion Award by the International Forums of Inclusion Practitioners (IFIP), a testament to our commitment to fostering an inclusive learning environment. IFIP, dedicated to promoting quality and inclusive learning for all children, provides a global platform for inclusion practitioners to connect, learn, and share insights. Daniel Sobel, Founder, CEO, and Chair of IFIP, praised Woodland Star for its outstanding efforts and leadership in creating a more inclusive world, remarking, ‘It is an honour to recognise your submission and to count the impactful work you’ve done as part of the IFIP community.’

Our Educational Philosophy: Nurturing Every Unique Child

Woodland Star’s dedication to fostering inclusivity, is reflected in our educational philosophy that every child is uniquely wired, and deserving of a teaching and learning environment tailored to their individual needs. Diversity is not just welcomed but celebrated, and our commitment to equity is foundational to our approach.

Woodland Star’s School Principal, Timo Lehmann, says ‘we strive to continually make adjustments to all facets of school life to improve and foster inclusion, including training for our staff in the area of inclusive education and inclusive practices, creating innovative and unique learning spaces, and always asking ourselves how we can better meet the needs of our diverse learner body.’

Celebrating Our Collective Success

Recently Timo travelled to the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris to participate in and contribute at an international inclusion conference. Part of the conference included an event focused on ‘Celebrating Inclusion in Education: 30th Anniversary of Salamanca Declaration’. This event brought together high-level ministries of education representatives to foster policy dialogue on how countries are prioritising and promoting inclusion in education.  

It was an honour for Woodland Star’s submission to be featured as an example of outstanding inclusion practice in education, and to be presented with a Global Inclusion Award as a testament to the dedication and hard work of our entire school community. Together, we have created a learning environment where differences are embraced, and each learner is given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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