Peace Education: Possible and Crucial

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Woodland Star School’s Festival of Peace is a product of the inclusion of peace education into our evolving and innovative curriculum. It’s a full-day event, where the school’s students sing, act, drum and dance on a beautiful outdoor stage, all for the purpose of peace.

Peace education isn’t a new phenomenon. Created by Elie Pritz in 2013, it was a way for children affected by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to learn about peace, understanding and healing in an environment marked by violence. It aimed to introduce students to real-life heroes who prioritised peace above all, thus earning its name as the Peace Heroes curriculum.

This form of education has gained recognition around the globe and Woodland Star International School is one of a small number of schools selected to pilot the Peace Heroes curriculum in Africa. 

Woodland Star International School was recently featured in the Peace Heroes newsletter which stated: “We wish teachers and administrators around the world could visit this inspiring school to see that peace education is not irrelevant or idealistic. Peace education is possible and so crucial in this divided and fearful world. Woodland Star School proves that intentionally teaching kids peace instills students with compassion and empowers them to heal the brokenness around them. We can’t wait to see how these amazing young people change the world in years to come!” You can read the full article here.

We are proud that, through our peace heroes curriculum, we have been able to instill values of compassion and understanding in our students which they can use in the future to bring about change in the world. 

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Family Art Night

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At Woodland Star, we strive to connect with each other, the community, our environment, and the world. We believe that learning happens best when the “puzzle pieces” of information and ideas are connected; we teach with an integrated method, so concepts are interwoven and make sense to the student.

Once a term we invite families to join us in doing something creative at Family Art Night. It gives us the opportunity to connect as a community and to enjoy and use our amazing natural environment to inspire our creativity.  

Events like these are part of Woodland Star’s innovative approach to learning. We strive to teach children in the ways that they learn best, utilising an innovative curriculum to relate lessons to the learner and including families to help discover and support each child’s passion, potential, and possibility.

Festival of Peace

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At the Woodland Star School Festival of Peace, students traveled the world, using the elements and looking at belief systems through stories in their search for peace. On our forest stage, we drummed, sang, acted and danced as we explored what it means to be a global citizen longing and working for peace in our world today and for the future. We all at Woodland Star International School want peace for all of the children of the world now and forever!

For more information and to schedule your tour visit:

International School Fair

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The team from Woodland Star International School are looking forward to meeting you!  We will be attending the 7th International Schools Fair at Village Market’s food court on 25th March up to 27th March. Drop-in any time between 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and we will be delighted to tell you more about us. If these dates don’t work for you we can organise a school tour at any time – schedule here:

International School Fair