We are thrilled to announce a new, ongoing initiative at Woodland Star called “The Understory”. This series of engaging events is designed for parents and educators and aims to foster a shared sense of learning among all the adult stakeholders in our children’s lives.

Why ‘The Understory’?

The name of this series, “The Understory”, is inspired by the vibrant forest ecosystem where Woodland Star resides. Just as the understory of a forest provides essential nutrients and resources to support overall forest health, so too ‘The Understory’ aims to provide adults with invaluable tools and insights to equip each of us to better support the holistic development of our children.

Our Vision for The Understory

The series will delve into various impact areas central to Woodland Star’s ethos. 

woodland star understory

The sessions are carefully curated to offer a well-rounded understanding of topics relevant to both our children’s education and their overall well-being.  The Understory is an opportunity to deepen the understanding of our school’s philosophy and educational approach and learn side by side the practical tools to support the learning and development of the children in our lives and perhaps even ourselves.  

What’s Coming Up?

woodland star understory

Kicking off the series, our inaugural event ‘BE Self-Directed: Self Awareness’ will shine a spotlight on brain science—exploring how brains develop and the implications of this development on our behaviour. This session will lay the groundwork for subsequent Understory events. We will explore:

  • Why is it important to be self-aware?
  • What impacts our brain (and therefore our behaviour) every day?
  • We ALL experience stress! And some of us have experienced trauma… 
  • Understanding and Recognising Brain States  
  • Window of Tolerance – Understanding Regulation and Dysregulation
  • Is Dysregulation Bad?
woodland star understory

The next Understory, scheduled for October, will extend this learning to discuss actionable strategies for effective self-management based on our newfound understanding of the brain.

Who Can Attend?

We are pleased to announce that The Understory is an inclusive event, open to not just parents, carers and educators within the Woodland Star community, but also to parents, educators and interested parties from beyond our forest community. We believe that the sharing of knowledge and experiences enriches us all, so we warmly extend this invitation to anyone keen on contributing to or benefiting from this session.

Mark Your Calendars

We are pleased to confirm that The Understory will be a regular fixture on the Woodland Star calendar, with one session per month, during term time, throughout the academic year. What’s more, future instalments of The Understory will feature guest speakers from our community, sharing their unique skills and expertise to create dynamic, engaging, and enriching content for all.
We invite you to join us on this exciting journey of collective learning and growth. Your participation not only enriches your own life but also fortifies our community, enhancing the Woodland Star experience for all our children.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Understory!

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