We are delighted to share an exciting update from Woodland Star School. In our pursuit of sustainability, we have reached a new milestone that will shape a greener and more sustainable future. The Brackenhurst campus now has a cutting-edge 80 kW grid-tie solar system, with 146 solar panels integrated across the campus.

The solar system enables us to capture the power of the sun and convert it into clean and renewable electricity, a significant development in our commitment to reducing our environmental impact and creating a brighter and more sustainable world.

Our new solar system will offset an impressive 31% of the campus’ total energy consumption, with 50% of our daytime energy needs fulfilled by clean solar power.

Campus-Wide Impact

By diminishing our reliance on conventional energy sources, we take a proactive stance in combating climate change, actively reducing our on-grid energy usage. This solar grid system serves as the primary power source for most of our campus operations, including the Brackenhurst Conference and Retreat Centre, the Muna Tree Café, and, of course, Woodland Star School. These solar panels play a pivotal role in our journey towards energy independence, enabling us to operate seamlessly and sustainably.

Solar POwer


Environmental Impact 

The most compelling aspects of our solar system is it’s potential to offset a staggering 35 tons of carbon dioxide annually. By championing sustainable practices, we hope to inspire our wider Woodland Star community to commit to a greener future.

Sustainable Partnerships

The solar system was installed by Solinc East Africa Ltd, a specialists in renewable energy solutions. Their expertise and commitment to excellence ensured the efficient and sustainable implementation of the solar system.

 By reducing our energy consumption, offsetting carbon emissions, and promoting renewable energy, we lead by example, paving the  way towards a future that is truly sustainable.

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