Primary, Middle & High School – School Fees 2022-2023

*All amounts are in US Dollars

Registration                                      1,000 (New students)
Annual Capital Levy                       500 per year (Primary and Middle Years)

750 per year (High School)

Primary Years 1 – 4 (5yrs-10yrs*)

Tuition fees (self-paid):           14,115 per year  or  4,705 per term

Tuition fees (employer-paid): 20,730 per year  or  6,910 per term

Lunch (optional):                       900 per year  or  300 per term

Middle Years  (11yrs-13yrs*)

Tuition fees (self-paid):            14,565 per year  or  4,855 per term

Tuition fees (employer-paid):  21,405 per year  or  7,135 per term

Lunch (optional):                       975 per year  or  325 per term

High School (accepting 9th grade students ages 13-15yrs only in 2023/24*)**

Additional classes will be added incrementally each year, Woodland Star High School will go through to 12th Grade.

Tuition fees (self-paid):            17,490 per year  or  5,830 per term

Tuition fees (employer-paid):  24,000 per year  or  8,000 per term

Lunch (optional):                       975 per year  or  325 per term

**High School Founding Child discount. A 12% reduction in tuition fees is available for any child who completes the high school application process by 10 Jan 2023. The reduction remains in place for as long as the child remains at WSS. To secure the discount a deposit of $5,000 should be paid no later than 10 Mar 2023. Founding family discounts are also available where a child is not in the initial high school group, in which case a deposit is required by 18 Aug 2023.

*all classes are multi-age and ages indicated above refer to typical ages of children; exceptions to the indicated age ranges are possible and fees are classified according to class enrollment, rather than by age

Other optional fees:

Transport  – Within Tigoni:               1,525 per year or 525 per term (first child)

  1,095 per year or 365 per term (second child)

  795 per year or 265 per term (third child)

– Outside Tigoni:                                3,120 per year or 1,040 per term (first child)

  2,190 per year or 730 per term (second child)

  1,560 per year or 520 per term (third child)

Special learning needs tuition (in addition to tuition fees): Treated on a case-by-case basis

Additional discount (applicable to tuition fees only)

Prepayment Discount                       

Termly: A discount of 3% will be applied to tuition fees paid at least 1 calendar month prior to the start of the following term.

Discount for Siblings                           A 5% discount for each additional child from the same family.

Payment Due Date                               Fees are due no later than 29th August 2022. Amounts outstanding after this date attract a 2% penalty accrued monthly.

*Note – payments may be made in Kenyan Shillings at current exchange rates.