Early Years Program – School Fees 2021-2022

*All amounts are in US Dollars

Registration                                        1,000 (New students)
Annual Capital Levy                            300 per year

EY1 (2yrs-4yrs), EY2 (3yrs-5yrs)

½ days, 3 days per week*                   3,795 per year  or  1,265 per term

½ days, 5 days per week                    5,250 per year  or  1,750 per term

Full day, 5 days per week                   7,455 per year  or  2,485 per term

*applicable to EY1 only

Optional fees:

Lunch:                                                     690 per year     or  230 per term

Transport  – Tigoni:                              1,425 per year or 475 per term (first child)

     996 per year or 332 per term (second child)

     714 per year or 238 per term (third child)

                    – Rosslyn/Runda:              2,835 per year or 945 per term (first child)

     1,986 per year or 662 per term (second child)

     1,419 per year or 473 per term (third child)

Special learning needs tuition (in addition to tuition fees): Treated on a case-by-case basis

Additional discounts (applicable to tuition fees only):

Discount for Siblings                              5% discount for each additional child from the same family.

Payment Due Date                                  Fees are due no later than 30th  August 2021. Amounts outstanding after this date attract a 2% monthly penalty.