Peace Curriculum

Our Peace Heroes curriculum is another facet of our education that we celebrate. This innovative curriculum was created by Elie Pritz, a writer who grew up in Jerusalem. Much like many of the children at Woodland Star, Elie was a “third-culture child,” meaning that the culture she was raised in was different from those of her parents’ home countries. Using her gifts in creative writing, Elie developed the Peace Heroes curriculum. First implemented in the Jerusalem School, East Jerusalem, Peace Heroes is now piloted in a handful of schools in Palestine and Israel.

Woodland Star is currently one of only two international schools in Nairobi, and one of the few, select pilot schools for the Peace Heroes Curriculum in Africa!

Peace Heroes is structured around geographical locations and the “heroes” from each region who stood for peaceful change, such as Desmond Tutu in South Africa, Malala Yousefzai in Pakistan, and Aung San Suu Kyi in Myanmar. The curriculum uses these historical figures as a lens for studying the geography, history, and culture of a region, then goes into depth about each hero. The ultimate purpose of the curriculum is to communicate the message “peace begins with me.”

A Student’s Voice on Peace

When asked what peace is during a Friday class of Peace Heroes, one of our own students stated that it is “a dark night with stars.”

This answer was so profound that Elie Pritz, the writer of our Peace Curriculum, wrote a response to these remarkable words. Here is the link to the full article.