Quality Assurance


Woodland Star International School is certified by the Independent Quality Assurance Agency (IQAA). The IQAA’s quality assurance process brings external scrutiny to the level and quality of teaching and learning to hundreds of schools across Southern and East Africa, while also evaluating the operational efficiency, governance and management of schools.
The IQAA’s quality assurance model is unique in that it understands, accommodates and values contextual differences among schools, allowing schools to develop their own culture, educational philosophies and practices in seeking to provide the most effective path to meaningful teaching and learning. The IQAA’s evaluation serves as a gauge to determine whether a school is delivering and succeeding in its own distinctive mission, ethos and educational goals.
Whilst the IQAA’s process provides for differences among schools and does not seek or require schools to conform to a particular model or way, it’s in-depth evaluation serves as an external, objective and detailed measure of the quality of teaching and learning at a school, and in this way provides a valuable layer of quality assurance and accountability to parents and other school stakeholders.

AISA Membership

The Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA) is dedicated to transforming student learning by leading and supporting professional growth, good governance, strategic thinking, and the wellbeing of the entire AISA community of schools.

AISA is the only association dedicated to professional learning, leadership support and growth, effective governance, school improvement, child protection and student support for international schools in Africa. This is important as AISA recognise the unique challenges, but also the exceptional opportunities and rich experiences that operating as an international
school in Africa offers.

Being a member of AISA provides the Woodland Star team with access to the external skills, resources and networks to support our school’s transformation and growth efforts. You can view our Woodland Star International School profile here.