Our Team

Timo Lehmann

Timo is our School Principal. He graduated from the University of Cape Town with a BSc in Environmental & Geographical Science, and completed his Post-Graduate Certificate in Education at the University of Stellenbosch. He has a MasterTrack Certificate in Instructional Design from the University of Illinois. 

His interests include camping, playing sports, gardening, and upcycling junk into art. Timo loves trail-running, and has completed several marathons and ultra-marathons.

Amy McKelvey

Woodland Star was founded by Amy. She graduated with a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from the University of Mobile and a Master’s in Gifted Education from William Carey University. She has taught in both the American system and the British system, and uses her understanding of personality types to engage with children.

Amy loves to travel, be with family, laugh, experience theatre and dance.

Emily Hall

Emily is the homeroom teacher for the Muhuti Village. She teaches for the joy factor! Emily studied Middle Grades Education at the University of Georgia, and is a literacy specialist. She loves using kinesthetic learning in her lessons, and enjoys running and biking, camping and cooking for her friends!

Jenny Halton

Jenny is the homeroom teacher for the Mugumo Village. She studied Anthropology at Durham University before taking her Post Graduate Degree in Primary Education at Bath Spa. She is passionate about providing children with a positive environment in which they can find their voice and thrive. 

Jenny loves drinking tea, exploring new places and dancing like no one’s watching.

Kelvin Wangara

Kelvin is our Learning Support Coordinator. He has a Degree in Special Education and a Postgraduate Certificate in Functional Assessment and Evaluation. He is passionate about inclusion and loves working with learners with different abilities. He enjoys golfing, cycling, long drives through beautiful sceneries and spectacular sunsets. During cold days up here in Tigoni, he loves enjoying a cup of coffee.

Taylor Dietmeier

Taylor teaches mathematics in the upper years and art to the primary and middle years. She holds a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Kansas and a Bachelor’s Degree in Middle Grades and High School Mathematics and Social Studies from the University of North Carolina.).

She is extremely passionate about mathematics, girls education, Deaf empowerment and graphic design. 


Tony Mwangi

Tony is one of our learning support teachers. Prior to joining our team Tony worked for 4 years as a behavior technician for individuals with various neuro-developmental needs. He graduated from Kenyatta University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

He is passionate about  psychology, inclusion and fostering growth mindsets in learners. 

Sarah Mukundi

Sarah is the homeroom teacher for our Moringa Village. She studied in Australia receiving her Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood, and a graduate diploma of International and Community Development. She taught for four years Australia, followed by Rosslyn Academy in Nairobi. 

She enjoys photography, traveling, and meeting new people. 

Dorinah Osabinyi Koli

Dorinah is our Euphorbia Village Homeroom Teacher and Head of Early Years, and also serves on the school’s leadership team. Her genuine love for children starts at home as a wife and a mother of 3 children. Dorinah has spent more than 20 years in the classroom, has a Degree in Education (E.C.E) and is about to complete her Masters in Early Childhood Education. 

In her free time Dorinah likes spending time with her family and friends, listening to music, travelling and reading.

Anastacia Muya

Anastacia is our Baobab Homeroom Teacher (3-4 years olds). She graduated from Africa Nazarene University with a Bachelor’s of Education in Early Childhood Education, and also holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. She has taught in both Kenyan and international school settings and loves creating child-centered learning environments for young children.

Anastacia is passionate about dancing, listening to music and spending time with her friends.


Gillian Kemunto

Gillian is our language teacher and assists in the primary and middle years. She graduated from Kenyatta University with a Bachelor’s of Education in French language. She has a Diploma in French Language Studies from Alliance Française.   She speaks English, French, Kiswahili, and is studying Japanese.

Language is her passion as it is a tool towards understanding and connecting with people from different cultures. 

Jeffery Hennessy

Jeff teaches science and literacy in our upper years, and serves on the school’s leadership team.

He has experience both as a middle-school teacher and as a naturalist with an environmental education center in the USA. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Furman University in Earth & Environmental Sciences and Political Science, a Master of Arts in Teaching Degree from Clemson University, and an Educational Specialist Degree in School Leadership from Furman University. On weekends and school holidays, he enjoys photography, hiking, traveling on a budget, and sharing meals with friends.

Pooja Sanghrajka

Pooja is our homeroom teacher for the Nandi Flame Village. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Management, a Diploma in Psychology and a Postgraduate Degree in Education. She started off with a career in market research, then transitioned into teaching and has never looked back! She has taught in various international schools in East Africa and lives in Lavington with her husband, baby (on the way!) and two dogs (Pato and Marley). She loves travelling and the outdoors, dancing and music. 

Mercy Martin

Mercy is the Homeroom Teacher in our Acacia Village (2-3 year olds). She has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education, a Certificate in Early Years Learning and Child Psychology. She has been an Early Years teacher for close to a decade.      

Mercy is passionate about nurturing young children. She enjoys spending time with family, singing and trying out new recipes.


Pearson Omondi

Pearson is one of our Learning Support Teachers, and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Needs Education from Maseno University. Pearson has worked with children with different needs in international schools since 2015.

Pearson is passionate about inclusion, travelling, cooking and being creative. He believes every student has a unique way of learning given the right opportunity and environment.


Beldine Loyan Atieno

Beldine is a Primary Years Co-teacher and learning support assistant. She has a Bachelor of Education (Arts) from the University of Nairobi, as well as a Certificate in Redefining Inclusion. Beldine is passionate about Literacy and helping learners develop reading skills, and has started her journey towards becoming an Orton Gillingham practitioner.

Beldine loves learning new things, listening to music and doing community services.


Videlis Wambui

Wambui is one of our learning support teachers, and has been working in the field of special needs education since 2017. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Needs Education and is currently pursuing her Masters is Speech and Language Pathology.

She is passionate about creating awareness and advocating for the inclusion of neurodiverse learners in the classroom.

Joseph Ndare

Joseph is our P.E. Coordinator and Green Focus teacher.  He studied Physical Education and Guidance and Counselling at the University of Nairobi and University of Cambridge. He is an enthusiastic and caring educator, who believes that all children can learn and thrive in a stimulating, and comforting environment that is appropriate to their abilities. He views teaching and learning as a dynamic and interactive process. Joseph loves motivating children through fun games, technology, art and recreation.

Beryl Achieng

Beryl is one of our Learning Support and Co-Teachers in the Primary Years . She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Needs Education through Kenyatta University, as well as a Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

Beryl is passionate about learning new things, travelling, and camping.


Micki Kariuki

Micki serves in Admin Support and as the Government Compliance Administrator for the school.  She is also the school’s librarian and has an International Montessori Diploma from MCI in London, a Bachelor’s of Education in Early Childhood Development, and is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Education. Micki, has been involved with the school in various capacities since its beginning.


John McKelvey

John is one of our Directors. He graduated from the Kansas State University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. He became a Certified Public Accountant, and then graduated from the University of London with an MBA in International Business. John has worked for various companies and organizations across the continent of Africa.

He has contributed greatly to the establishment of Woodland Star School.

Sean Anderson

Sean is one of our Directors. He graduated with distinction from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental and Geographical Science. Sean is the managing director of Muna Tree Holdings, the umbrella organization of the school. He has also served as the Chairman of Mara Naboisho Conservancy.  Sean’s knowledge, direct experience with conservation efforts, and leadership skills are great assets to the school.

Mark Nicholson

Mark is a special advisor for the school’s environmental program, supervising activities such as tree-planting and providing resources. Mark is the director of Plants for Life International, and has a doctorate from Cambridge University, England.

Elie Pritz

Elie has developed our Peace Heroes curriculum, and we are proud to collaborate with her. She received her Bachelor’s of Arts in Literature, as well as two Master’s of Arts, one in Conflict and Reconciliation, one in Creative Writing and Literature. She has lived in Jordan, England, Northern Ireland and Canada.

She loves being outdoors, reading, spending time with family, and creative writing.