Our Partners

Peace Heroes Curriculum

Woodland Star is proud to collaborate with the writer behind the “Peace Heroes” curriculum (www.paxology.org). This innovative learning content and style was first implemented in East Jerusalem, and teaches geography, global cultures, and history through emphasis on historical figures who resolved conflict peacefully. We are excited to watch how this curriculum transforms our community, and to be connected to a school facilitating peace in the midst of cultural tension.

If you would like more information about The Jerusalem School, please visit their website: http://jspeace.weebly.com

The Anne Frank Project

We have a partnership with The Anne Frank Project, an organization dedicated to conflict resolution and social justice through storytelling. The leaders of this program have given us guidance and inspiration in the development of drama-based leadership and education in our school. As we continue to promote the powerful sharing of story at Woodland Star, The Anne Frank Project will offer valuable wisdom in teaching students how to express identity.

To learn more about The Anne Frank Project, please explore their website: http://www.annefrankproject.com

Lafayette High School

Recently restructured to provide education to refugees, Lafayette High School in Buffalo, New York, is now our big-sister school. Though the students there are older than those at Woodland Star, many of them are only beginners in English and cultural transition. During this budding partnership, we seek to offer mutual support as both groups of students are learning to navigate other cultures and languages.

In turn, we will witness incredible sharing of story for our students and connection with individuals from very different backgrounds.


Woodland Star is affiliated with EcoRise, a program that teaches children a wide range of skills related to environmental conservation, most notably green technology. As we develop our environmental program, our partnership with EcoRise will enable us to implement increasingly progressive and innovative strategies to make our community more sustainable.

For more information about EcoRise, please visit their website: http://ecorise.org