Environmental Awareness

Awareness of ourselves and our surroundings is paramount to protecting our planet. We realize our responsibility to our immediate surroundings, to Kenya, and to our the earth, and recognize the incredible gift we all have of making the world a greener place. We strongly believe that, without honoring nature, one cannot truly understand his or her place in the world.

We are constantly developing strong initiatives that make our school a greener environment. We take part in the TakaTaka Solutions program, which helps us reduce our non-recyclable waste down to only 5%. This means that 95% of our waste is divided into forty types of “waste fractions” and taken to an outside recycling center.

As we aim to teach children how to empower themselves and others, part of that learning process is generating awareness about the ecosystems we impact. Every individual has the ability to make environmentally-conscious choices, and we are determined to provide a strong example of environmental awareness as a school. Continuing to advance our green initiatives will always remain a priority to us.

Woodland Star is also affiliated with EcoRise, a program that teaches children a wide range of skills related to environmental conservation, most notably green technology.