From Early Years to High School

Situated within Brackenhurst Botanic Garden (with over 500 species of trees), Woodland Star International School is without a doubt home to one of the most beautiful, spacious and green campuses in Nairobi.

All of our classes – the Early Years (2-6 years old), the Primary Years (6-9 years old) and the Middle- and High School Years (10-16 years old) take place on one, large campus.

This, in addition to our small class sizes, with a teacher-student ratio of no more than 1:12, allows for meaningful interaction and remarkable multi-age learning between our students of various ages.

Whilst all of our classrooms and facilities are on one campus, this campus is divided into an upper and lower section (see map below).

The upper section is generally home to our Early Years and our youngest Primary Years children. Here they have their own, enclosed play areas with lots of space, jungle gyms and sandpits, as well as their own outdoor classroom.

Children in the Upper Primary, Middle- and High School Years generally find themselves in the lower section, complete with their own soccer pitch, open spaces and several outdoor classrooms.

Our amazing campus provides the ideal environment for the implementation of our unique curriculum in multi-aged classrooms. It allows us to meet the individual needs of each student and to take them on their own academic path. It fosters and increases excitement and creativity, motivating our students to explore the physical and natural world around them through interest-based activities relating to the real world.