Hello ‘The Witheys’

In the mid 1920’s two great men chose to come to Kenya to build a life – these are Adam’s grandpa (with the army), and my grandpa, because he’d seen and fallen in love with Kenya from afar … at a farmers fair in North Yorkshire, UK.

Both men had successful, but very different, lives. Adam’s grandparents began and grew Greenacres School, whose story is not that different form that of Woodland Star’s, and my grandfather lived first as a farmer, then as a politician, making his mark as the Minister of Agriculture prior to Kenyan Independence. Adam and I were born to Kenyan parents and had most of our childhood and schooling here before heading to the UK later, where we enjoyed our studies in agriculture and beauty therapy respectively!
Sadly, Adam and I have both lost a parent. My mum died when I was 18, very suddenly, and as she was my rock I chose to stay and work in the UK where she wasn’t ‘supposed’ to be. Africa somehow makes those of us born here breathe, and so something was always missing … but after a few years I had to return! Adam made his life at Greenacres, putting his agricultural college skills to good use, rebuilding the school and upgrading the small farm they had. His dad sadly passed away about ten years ago, which meant the school and farm was sold.
Living here, we all speak Kiswahili and English, and Adam can boast Kikuyu too!!! Currently we have a small foundry called Uhunzi, a brilliant company called Banana Box, which helps over 500 people … and enjoy a spot of singing every now and then! On the other side of the coin, pollution, particularly in the form of plastic and ignorance, are our dislikes of and in the world today!!!
Kenya is our home, but we all like to travel and experience new things, in particular things that are completely converse to what we know and live, e.g. the English Cotswolds, architecture & history of European countries and their culture. We are proud to have made a wonderful home here in Tigoni and consider it a firm and happy foundation for our two boys to have and grow up in!!