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July 2017

Meet Zarina – Our new STEM and Library Teacher

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Zarina graduated from the University of Georgia (USA) with a Masters in Teaching Early Childhood/Elementary Education. She is also certified to teach STEM and Gifted Education. She grew up in Kenya and previously worked as a service manager in an international bank after graduating from  Moi University with a Bachelors Degree in Sociology.

In between academic pursuits, Zarina has also volunteered and taught Math at a Middle school to students who speak English as a second language, as well as taught English to students at a Middle school in Italy. Nothing has challenged her as much as being a teacher. She has always had a passion for working with children and is a proud aunt to 9 nieces and nephews. She is a strong proponent of Reggio Emilia’s Hundred Languages, emphasizing that there are a hundred different ways of thinking, of discovering, and of learning.

Zarina is so excited to be relocating back to Kenya (from the US) to teach and already feels a strong connection to Woodland Star and its unique approach to teaching and learning. She can’t wait to join the WSS family!

Hello Preet – Our new Middle Years Teacher

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Hailing from Brooklyn, Preet has spent 3 years working in higher education at The New School, in New York. She was born in Kenya has lived and worked here in Kenya as well as England and the U.S. She joins Woodland Star as a Middle Years teacher and believes in the success of cross-curricular and theme-based teaching. Preet has a diverse background in media, including documentary film, Travel TV and Radio. She has fulfilled teaching placements in both Primary and Middle Years, teaching Science, Social Studies, plus Media and Literacy. Preet enjoys putting students in the driving seat allowing them to find their voice, release their creativity and realize their individual and collective potential.

Her strength is bringing lessons alive by integrating media and hands-on activities. She regards teaching information literacy as a central facet of today’s wired and information-loaded world. She has an international PGCE from Sunderland, an MA in Media from The New School and a BA in Business from Sheffield. Preet and her two boys are thrilled to be part of the Woodland Star Village and are excited to engage with the nature and the community at the heart of the school, while delving into the rich holistic curriculum.