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Hello Sagan – our “Rocking Entrepreneur”

By February 2, 2017March 17th, 2017Uncategorized

Hello, I am Sagan, and my friends and I are all about ROCKS!

Our passion for rocks led us to start our own rock business at Woodland Star International School. Along with our friends, we use natural tools to crush rocks into powder, which we then trade with others on the playground. We’ve even created packaging out of sticks and leaves to transport our product to our customers across the campus. In addition to grinding rocks into powder, we’ve been learning about using rock powder as decoration, thanks to my experience of the decoration of the palace walls on a recent trip to India. Now we are experimenting with different colors of rock powder and painting beautiful natural objects in our surrounding school landscape.

If you are curious about our products, you are welcome to join us in the forested area near the pitch to learn more about our crafting skills!

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