Hello Mr. Tiny Free Library!

By February 13, 2017Uncategorized

Hello, everyone!

I am Mr. Tiny Free Library, and I’m still pretty young. In fact, I was only born last week!

I live at Woodland Star International School, just above the lower school campus. Sometimes I get quite lonely, because there aren’t many of me around in Nairobi, or in Kenya for that matter. But I am hoping that I will have lots of visitors soon, and that I will make lots of new friends in that way.

My job is to provide free books to read to anyone passing by. If there’s a book they like, I allow them to take it home with them to read, but I always make sure to ask them to bring me back another  book that they like, one that they may have already read. In that way, I constantly have new books going in and out – it’s really quite fun!

If you’re ever in the area, please come around and say ‘hello’! I love seeing new faces and meeting new people, especially if they loooooove books, just like me. And especially if they bring along a book to leave with me!

I hope to meet you soon … until then, happy reading!