Hello Teacher Berit!

Hello there,

So, Woodland Star School is all about stories and sharing our stories. I’m one of the newer members of our WSS Village, and proudly so. Who am I? I’m Berit and come from South Africa and was born to German parents who are missionaries in SA and work with International students. I’m the baby of 5 children, and have one sister here in Kenya. The rest are all still living in South Africa. Having grown up in a german household, I speak fluent German, however living in a very diverse country has enabled me to be fluent in English and not so fluent in Afrikaans. One day I will master Spanish and Swahili, that’s my plan, but it’s slow progress.

That’s me in a nutshell. My storybook started 30 years ago and has many chapters of joy, like when all my nephews and nieces were born or joined the family (currently that stands at 16). The best chapters, in my opinion, are the ones on adventure-I love travelling and have been fortunate to be able to see quite a few places already…one of my favourite places I visited was Cuba, you should all go, just saying, it’s beautiful. One of the most meaningful places that I lived in was in Germany the year after school. It’s there that I discovered my love for children and my ability to connect with them in a special and unique way, and ta-da, now I’m a kindergarten teacher and love it.

My least favourite chapters are the ones that were overshadowed by heartache of various kinds. They are my least favourite because they are sad, but they are amongst the most important in my life as those chapters taught me a lot of life lessons and have shaped me immensely. Through those hard times I learned who I am, what I’m made of and how incredibly loved I am by my God and that His plans are always better than mine, and that He’s faithful in leading me into His purpose for me. I’ve learnt that even though the world seems to be going crazy, God is still in control.

There are still many chapters in my storybook that need to be written, the one chapter that is currently underway and almost finished is my journey as an official student. I say official because naturally teachers are constantly learning, but at the moment I’m studying at UNISA to complete my degree in education. I have one year left, and I cannot wait for this chapter to be done. Balancing a full time job and a full time degree has had its fair challenges, so this chapter will be one I finish with great joy and a big sigh of relief.

That’s me. I look forward to hearing some of your stories in the future too!

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