Hello Muna Tree Village!

Mrs. Sjoberg is the leader of the Muna Tree Village (Middle Years).

“The muna is probably the tallest (over fifty metres tall) indigenous tree in Kenya. The best place to see it is in the tea fields of Kiambu and Muranga districts. There it stands out like an isolated sentinel marking the way through the tea. The muna has a beautiful, fluted stem trunk; it is this fluted stem trunk that made muna so important, when the tea area was dense forest. The distinct stem was a key path marker and meeting point for travelers. When clearing the forest, people were very reluctant to cut the tree down, so it has remained, towering over everything else in the tea country. Enough trees were cut for Kenya Trees and Shrubs to list it as good timber. Its best use, perhaps, is to be left alone for its appearance. The muna is found in the wet highland forests of Mt. Kenya, the Aberdares, Mau Summit and North to the Cherangani Hills. The muna seed requires a humid, shady environment with thick humus in which to germinate… Muna must now be regarded as a rare species and is considered endangered.”

Muna Tree Village, the oldest in our school – the tree you’ve chosen is the tallest one in our ecosystem. We see you, as well, standing tall in our school community; other students and classes look up to you. We charge you to be role models in our school, and to stand proud and strong for your own ideals as well as the ones that we have agreed to as a school. We pledge to remember that each one of you is rare and unique, and although you are strong, you also need to be nurtured delicately. You are beautiful in your individuality; we can learn from you, and you will one day be the sentinel adults who will stand as markers in our world.

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