Hello Mugumo Village!

Welcome to the Mugumo Village (Primary Years One)!

Ms. Mira’s and Ms. Laura’s class is named after the Mugumo tree, which is a special, sacred tree known to the Kikuyu community and many others in Kenya. Its name was inherited from the ancestors, and the ancestors inherited it from their ancestors; in fact, some people believe that the spirits of the ancestors hover around and in this tree. The Mugumo tree is also known as the strangler fig tree, and it makes its home on another tree until the other tree is pushed out. When the sticky seeds from a strangler fig cling to clefts high up in another tree’s canopy, they develop as vines that grow on another plant. However, they are not parasites. The tiny little fig plant must work very hard to get all that it needs to grow, until finally it has built its root system and can stand on its own. Mugumos are rare trees found only in big forests like those of Mount Kenya. The Kikuyu people inhabiting the slopes of Mount Kenya consider this tree their shrine and use it to commemorate their land’s independence.

Mugumo Village, we believe that you can represent the ideals of the Mugumo tree in our community. We note that, as you begin these next steps of your school journey, you are growing in independence and putting down strong roots. We charge you to keep building your skills of independence, and to continue to work hard to become your own person. We pledge to respect you as you learn and grow into the person you are meant to be – an important part of our Woodland Star community!

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