Hello Grass Snakes Village!

Ms. Brittany’s class is known as the Grass Snakes Village (Primary Years Two), which reminds us that there are so many different and important forms of life in our ecosystem. Likewise, there are so many different and important kinds of people in our community. Some people don’t like snakes, but snakes are important and we can learn many things from them! Grass Snakes are nonvenomous snakes that live in woodlands, grasslands, and marshes, near ponds and streams, and can live in a variety of climates and altitudes. Grass snakes are usually brown or green in color and have rings of black and yellow behind the head. They are active during the day. They are carnivores, swallowing their prey of small amphibians, mammals and birds in one bite! They use their sight and their excellent hearing to hunt, and like to bask in the sun after a meal. Grass snakes apply several defensive strategies when they are threatened. They can lay motionless and pretend to be dead. They can release a foul-smelling substance, or when they are cornered, grass snakes can hiss and strike at their opponent with their heads. They are also excellent swimmers and fast-moving animals!

Grass Snakes Village, we don’t know if you are all excellent swimmers, but we do know that you are all fast-moving! We believe that you have and can learn strategies, like the grass snake, to find solutions to your problems. We charge you to keep your focus, to move fast to solve your problems, and to apply the strategies you’ve learned in school . We pledge to try to keep up with you, remembering that you are active learners who are developing lots of skills to be ready for anything!

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