Hello Acacia Village!

Welcome to the Acacia Village (Early Years One).

We are Ms. Esther and Ms. Rachel, and we lead the smallest class at Woodland Star. Acacia trees are one of the most iconic trees of Africa, and feature in countless silhouette photos of the veld in South Africa to the savannah of East Africa. There are over 1,300 species of acacia trees. They provide food and habitat for a variety of animals while protecting themselves with their thorns and poison. Some acacia trees can even whistle. One type of acacia, known as the giraffe thorn or camel thorn tree, can live up to two hundred years. Its tap root can grow down to sixty meters, allowing it to access deep groundwater and survive in extremely dry climates. This tree is resilient, and reminds us that small children, too, are resilient. The most common acacia here in East Africa is the umbrella thorn acacia, whose umbrella-shaped dome enables it to capture the largest amount of sunshine with the tiniest of leaves.

We believe that our littlest ones here are like our tiniest little Acacia leaves. Acacia Class, we note that you are the youngest among us, yet you bring so much light into our world. We charge you to grow deep and well, like the giraffe thorn acacia, so that you may live and thrive for a long, long time. We pledge to have the patience to watch you grow, to help you find deep reservoirs of hope that will sustain you, and to recognize that the smallest among us can bring us the most sunshine.

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